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BPFTP Client (Windows) / General Problems
 I can't download, why is this?
 There are many reasons why you might not be able to download from an FTP site. Here are a 2 possibilities, with solutions: 1)You get a message Access denied or similar. This means exactly what it says, you're not allowed to download the file, for one reason or another. Check the welcome message of the FTP site, often it'll give you a clue as to why. You're not doing anything wrong, and there is no configuration item you can change to get around this, the server simply will not let you download the file. 2) Not enough credit to download, upload. Again this means what it says, you can't download because the FTP site is what is called a ratio site, that is you have to upload (send) at least one file before being allowed to download (retrieve) a file from that site. BPFTP will handle ratio sites automatically but you do need to queue at least one file for upload. Make sure that you're in the right directory before queueing it, as most sites only allow upload access to one directory only. This directory is most often called uploads, upload here or something similar. As for what to upload, upload something that you think would benefit the site.
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